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The following is included from the Under Construction template and it is suggested that this be included in new articles.
It may also apply to this one!


This is an example article showing a structure which may be used in wiki pages. If you edit this page (using the edit tab at the top of the page, not the [edit] links at the right hand side) you can see the markup used to create this formatting. (You can use your browser's back button or the cancel link at the bottom of the edit page to leave the editing page without saving changes.)

You can use this page as a template for a new article by going into edit and copying the contents of the edit box (Control-A followed by Control-C does this easily on many platforms) into your new article's edit box (Control-V does this). (Use the Cloverleaf key instead of Control on Macs.)

Subheading: Level 2

More text

Another Level 2 Subheading

A Level 3 Sub-subheading

Level 4 Sub-sub-subheading

Even more text here

Level 5

Level 5 text here

Level 6

Level 6 here

= Level 7 =

There is no Level 7 heading


A link to an article: Main Page

A link to an article using different link text from the article name: this links to the main page

A link to a sub-section within an article: Example article#Links

A link to a sub-section using different link text: the 'links' section in 'Example article'

Link to external webpage with text Text here


A bulleted list

  • this
    • more of this
  • that
  • the other
    • a bit of the other

A numbered list

  1. Item one
  2. Item two
  3. Item three
    1. item three point one

A 'definition list'

Definition of the word
A longer phrase needing definition
Phrase defined
A word 
Which has a definition
Also a second one
And even a third

Other formatting

Text in a box.

The blockquote command will indent both margins.

Normal text again


Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Row 1 row 1, col 2 row 1, col 3 row 1, col 4
Row 2 row 2, col 2 row 2, col 3 row 2, col 4
row 3, col 2 row 3, col 3
  • a list
  • of things
  • in this cell


1. Note that alignment of text and pictures may be surprising!


2. Text after 1st cow, before cow in frame

Cow in a frame

3. Text after cow in frame, before logo

Proposed logo - full size

4. Text after full size logo

Proposed logo - 100 pixels wide

5. Text after 100px logo

logo - thumbnail

6. Text after thumbnail logo

Cow - left aligned

2. Text after left-aligned cow

Example.jpg non-existent image file

More on images from mediawiki.org