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Old Reading Facebook group (a closed group so you probably need to have an account on Facebook to view it)

A video made up of pictures blending old photographs of Reading with new pictures of the same views.

Memories of Old Reading on the Reading Forum bulletin board.

Reading Forum YouTube channel

Local artist & illustrator Steve King has made several illustrations combining old and new views of Reading streets.

Family History / Genealogy

Berkshire Family History Society


The Imperial War Museum has a collection of pictures of Life in Wartime Reading

There's a 2012 Reading Forum post made up of pictures and text from the Imperial War Museum collection; unfortunately (and incompetently) the IWM seems to have changed the links so the pictures no longer show in the Forum post. Clicking the broken-image icons takes you to the IWM's page for each picture but there are a lot of pictures and clicking through for each one is tedious: alternatively here's a saved copy (pdf).

Station re-build

Western Tower Reading Demolition YouTube

Terry's Reading walkabouts facebook page

Twinning - Dusseldorf

Beer bricks & bulbs

buildings - Waterhouse, Elgar Rd

Jackson's - closure, mannequins, Rafael Gough's staff video interviews

Holy Brook: Mark O'Neill's photographs (Mark's website)


Kensington St angel of death

Woodley airfield - Polish airmen

University TOBs - wartime hospital? - Douglas Bader?

Reading Street Names: Abattoirs Road to Zinzan Street book by Adam Sowan, the late Peter Hay and Sally Castle; Two Rivers Press

Old Maps: the British Library has a collection of Fire Insurance Maps of Reading