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==== Childcare & Early Years ====
==== Childcare & Early Years ====
[http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/family.page?familychannel=1 Childcare] Reading Services Guide
[http://www.daynurseries.co.uk/day_nursery_search_results.cfm/searchtown/Reading Day Nurseries with full day care in Reading]
[http://www.daynurseries.co.uk/day_nursery_search_results.cfm/searchtown/Reading Day Nurseries with full day care in Reading]

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The Ding is a guide to anything to do with Reading generally: arts, culture, community, business, services, history, sports, recreation, education, politics etc...

It's a Wiki (like Wikipedia): anyone can create and update pages (though you need to register as an editor first). (We have some RULES regarding discrimination, exploitation, advertising etc.)

We don't want to replace any existing sites and groups covering Reading or areas or groups within Reading: where these exist we'll link to them. For example there are:

We also have our own The Ding Facebook group for day-to-day discussions and events.

This wiki currently has these pages:

Here are some other topics this site could cover:

Recreation: arts, culture, entertainment, sports etc

Reading Arts and Venues Hexagon, South St, Progress Theatre etc


  • Jelly
Pictures At Our Exhibition with Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra

Birding (Bird Watching)

Berkshire Ornithological Club

Cafes & Restaurants


Tutu's Ethiopian Table at Global Cafe - Tuesday to Friday, until 9pm

The Fishermans Cottage (Facebook) (which now styles itself a "Gastropub")

"All the Indian restaurants, many of the Chinese, there are 2 good Lebanese restaurants (The Bakery House being one), Wagamumas, The Handmade Burger Company (4 vegan burgers), the various sushi bars such as Itsu, The Lounges, Wetherspoons has a vegan menu, Zizzi has a vegan menu, mission burrito, The Flowing Spring, Nandos(!), Greek restaurants are normally good (one in Caversham), Toby Carvery(!), Pret is advancing quickly." On the question of ghee in Indian food: "Most times ghee is vegetable oil because of the cost. The restaurant will boast about butter in a dish if it contains it."

"Alto lounge caversham and Bosco lounge Woodley"

Nomad Bakery

Spice Oven in Caversham used to have an extensive vegan menu but I think the number of dishes has been reduced as it attempts to include more "international" cuisines.



Climbing wall






  • Reading Museum at Town Hall
  • Museum of English Rural Life
  • URE museum @ UoR
  • Medical museum @ hospital
  • Blake's Lock?
  • Woodley Air Museum

Parks & Gardens

  • Parks
  • University grounds
  • Harris Gardens
  • RISC roof garden
  • Caversham Court
  • Clayfield Copse
  • Dinton Pastures
  • Beale Park
  • NGS gardens scheme

Pubs & Bars

Global Cafe

The Retreat

Eldon Arms

Shit and Not Shit Pubs in Reading



  • running - park runs, half marathon, fun runs
  • football, rugby, tennis, rowing


  • Rivermead
  • Central pools
  • cemetery junction?
  • King's Meadow lido?
  • Northumberland Ave leisure centre
  • woodley/Southcote/Calcot/Caversham?

Talks & Meetings


  • Hexagon
  • South St
  • Progress
  • Shinfield


walking clubs / meet-up groups etc?



Local: Reading, Wokingham, West Berks, South Oxon Westminster Europe


wards find councillor


  • Co-housing
  • Draught Busters - a range of resources for improving the comfort and energy efficiency of houses, either DIY or help for those who can't do their own.


  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Coaches
  • Cycling
  • Parking


University students - Report to Sarah Gardner, Community Relations Manager [1] 0118 378 6764
The uni security can be contacted on 0118 378 7799.
Video / audio / photographs / addresses help.


NCT Nappy Library (Facebook page) information, advice and support on all things cloth nappies!

Childcare & Early Years

Childcare Reading Services Guide

Day Nurseries with full day care in Reading

Rose Garden Early Years Christchurch Gardens RG2 7AH

parent/carere and child groups, and nursery



List of Schools in Reading Wikipedia

Alder Bridge Steiner-Waldorf School at Aldermaston Wharf, Padworth, just off A4

College & University

Adult Education

  • New Directions

Extra-mural / evening classes

  • Oxford Uni courses at London Rd






In a discussion on the facebook Earley Residents Discussion Group several people recommended

  • Kirks in Whitley Street
  • Eyesite on Friar Street
  • Stephen Abery near Brookside Surgery in Gipsy Lane / back of Asda complex
  • Leightons - seem to be recommendations for various branches including Woodley and Wokingham



  • council boundaries
    Reading UK location map
  • parliamentary boundaries
  • postcode areas (wikipedia)
    RG postcode area map
  • parking restrictions
  • cycle routes
  • walks
  • historical


  • BBC Radio Berkshire
  • 2-ten fm
  • BBC South TV
  • Get Reading
  • Reading Chronicle
  • University - Spark?
  • Alt Reading - online magazine focusing on arts, entertainment and culture in Reading.


  • Libraries
  • Bicycle Kitchen
  • Repair cafe
  • Freegle
  • Room hire (RISC, Wycliffe baptist church on the kings road)
  • Catering (Gyorgi & Rina?)



Free give/request groups

Buy/sell groups

Non-cash trading

LETS stands for Local Exchange Trading Scheme. It's a scheme that allows local people to exchange goods and services with one another without using money. Reading LETS' currency is called Readies: As a rough guide, 10 Readies is equivalent to one hour's work. Everyone's time is equally appreciated.

Charity / Voluntary sector

Free Cakes For Kids Reading

We are a community organisation that bakes birthday cakes for families who find it difficult to provide a cake for their child.

The cakes are baked by local volunteer bakers who aim to decorate them with the child's favourite theme. It's free, friendly and confidential.

We are part of the national Free Cakes for Kids UK network.

Reading Toy Run annual pre-xmas ride by Christian Motorcyclists across South Reading collecting toys for children, in aid of Barnardo's

Reading Refugee Response Hub Facebook group

"Reading drop off for Calaid - Solidarity with the refugee people of Calais"
Receiving donations and getting them to where they are needed, organising events in Reading to raise funds and awareness.



Cemetery Junction film

Reading festival


Whiteknights Park

WWII hospital

Douglas Bader

Woodley airfield

black history centre mural

Reading & District Natural History Society