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There are a couple of directories of local music:


Aquedukt Ambitiously tries to cover all aspects of live music scene in Reading. It's useful, but incomplete and misses out lots of gigs at venues such as Global Cafe and some of the local pubs.

It also has a directory of artists, but that is also incomplete, and out of date in places.


LemonRock is a nation-wide gig listings site which will show events in a fairly wide area around you (e.g. 30 miles away) when it knows your location.


University lunchtime concerts

Aldworth Philharmonic

Pictures At Our Exhibition with Jelly


Global Cafe

Global Cafe has regular and occasional gigs from folk sing-alongs through poetry slams and open-mic nights to jazz, rock, funk and swing dances, and DJs. Mostly local musicians, occasionally touring bands and musicians.

Eldon Arms

The Eldon Arms has gigs, mostly by local musicians. The Eldon Arms-Reading RG1 4DX Facebook group is a good place to find what's on there.

Reading Arts

Reading Arts' site lists music at the Hexagon, South St, Town Hall Concert Hall etc

The Retreat

The Retreat has gigs by local musicians (as well as Ukulele practice groups). The Retreat...the best pub in the world ever! Facebook group is a good place to find what's on there.


The University Music page lists events at the Uni, including their free lunchtime concerts (mostly classical)


  • other venues
  • local musicians
  • festivals