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This site serves our community: accordingly it will not support content or content providers that needlessly divide people from each other or harm members of our community. This includes discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability or age, and unethical business and other schemes.


What constitutes discrimination? This isn't always obvious. A social club for Polish, or Jewish, or Moslem, or gay people is different from one that excludes Polish, Jewish, Moslem or gay people: the latter is clearly discriminatory. In grey areas this site may carry a page or listing but flag up areas of concern about it.

Advertising, exploitation and ethics

Saying what goods or services you or others offer, in a factual way, is generally OK, and for local businesses is welcome here. (The Tradespeople page is specifically for this, and you may create a page here describing your business if you don't have your own website elsewhere.)

But this site is for everyone in our community and there is no place here for businesses that operate simply by exploiting others, whether by Pyramid or Multi-Level Marketing schemes, selling counterfeit goods, or ineffective or hugely over-priced services. In areas of doubt the site may carry a note flagging up concerns about the issue(s).